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Psychic Readings & Tarot

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Hi, my  name  is  Julie Spalding  and  I  am  a  natural  psychic & medium, (a gift that I was born with) I have been a full time professional psychic medium  since  1997. Internationally  renowned  as  a  leading  telephone  reader and nationally  renowned  for  my  face  to  face  readings  and  as  a premier platform medium, I  have  helped  thousands  of people with my gift.

I specialise in love and relationships,  but I am an excellent  all  round  reader  and I am  able to  help  with most issues affecting people's lives or connect with loved ones who have passed over.

As a psychic I love the satisfaction that this work gives me in helping people with my insight and understanding.  As a medium I love connecting people with their loved ones, (in the afterlife) giving them proof that the bonds of love are never broken.

I am clairvoyant,  clairaudient and clairsentient and whilst I can use many tools such as tarot, crystal ball, dowsing with a pendulum, or psychometry, (where I read  your energy from an object, such as your jewellery) I am just as comfortable without these tools.

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