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Unusual Evidence

It was my first reading of the day and the lady having the reading seemed nervous as she told me that she wasn't sure what to expect. She'd never had a reading before and wasn't sure what the difference was between a psychic, clairvoyant and a medium. She said, "I think that I need a medium, as I want to hear from someone in the spirit world." She asked me if she was correct and I confirmed that for her.

After I confirmed that a medium is someone who connects with the spirit world and that mediumship is one of the areas in which I work, she told me that she had recently lost her husband and was struggling to cope with life since his passing. She said that she's hoping I can pick up something from her husband, anything that might help her to believe that he's okay, that he isn't lost to her forever and that one day they will be together again.

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Twin Flames

Our Halloween Ghost Hunt is held in Stowmarket, Suffolk, which is only about 13 miles away from my home in Sproughton near Ipswich. This is just one of the many events that I have held at this venue. The 18th century Malt House is steeped in history, full of character and makes a perfect venue.

I've always loved Halloween and the Halloween Ghost Hunt has always been my favourite as I love the fancy dress and the whole place is always heaving with excited people, the atmosphere is electric.

As we draw the ghost hunt to an end the Séance is about to begin, but not everyone at the ghost hunt will get a place in the séance and that's okay because not everyone wants one, it's only for the brave!

We say goodbye to our ghost hunters who, (still revelling with excitement) are not easy to usher out of the door. They may not have the stomach for the séance but they are still curious and would like to see what's going to take place, but we don't have spectators. It's important during a séance that everyone remains calm and in control, (which is the reason we limit the places) any sudden outbursts could potentially be harmful to the medium.

We have a few ghost hunters who linger behind and are very inventive when it comes to finding ways to avoid leaving the building. We relish their enthusiasm and excitement, but we really need to get on with the séance. We don't want to 'throw them out' but it's clear that they really don't want to leave. After a game of 'cat and mouse' we eventually get them out of the door, (without offending them) which is quite a feat in itself! We quickly lock the doors behind them. At last the séance can begin...

The previously heaving building is now virtually silent with the 30 remaining people sitting on their chairs, (in a circle) all staring at me with anticipation. The space that we are all sitting in is really eerie! Kelly, (the manager of this old eerie venue and my 'right hand woman') asks if I'm ready to begin, so I take my place at the head of the circle. I had come to really trust Kelly, which is a good thing as once the séance begins my fate is in her hands! She has to be my eyes and ears.

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A Gift from Heaven

It was just another day in the office, well night really. I had been working all day and evening, doing Psychic / Medium Readings on the phone from my home office in Sproughton, near Ipswich in Suffolk and was about to finish when a lady called for a reading. The woman said that she was hoping I could connect to a loved one in the spirit world.

As she spoke I was aware of spirit energy in the room and using the gift of clairvoyance, (clear seeing) I was able to describe what I was seeing to the woman on the phone line and the woman recognised the spirit as that of her deceased mother. After I'd described to the lady on the phone what her deceased mother had looked like, (when she was here on earth) using my gift of clairaudience, (clear hearing) I was able to 'tune in' to the message that the spirit wanted me to pass on to her daughter.

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