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Private Parties

private parties

Make your party the perfect party...

Would you like to hold a psychic/tarot party in the comfort of your own home  or maybe you already have a party organised elsewhere and would like a way to make it special and unique for your guests. Whether they’re family, friends or colleagues, I’m sure that they will be excited at the prospect of a reading and fascinated by the experience. I can travel to your home or another party venue and help to make your party perfect and (I know you will love this) I don't charge you a penny for attending and you could get a free reading!

I have been a professional psychic & medium since 1997 and that's how long I've been doing psychic/tarot parties and they've proved to be very popular.  Some people book a psychic/tarot party because they would like a reading and have several friends who would also like readings, so they hold a party specifically to have readings.  However; some people book me to attend their birthday party, Christmas party, family party, hen party, works' party, girls' night in or get together.  Whatever the occasion, I can help you to make your party a party to be remembered. 

I prefer to do readings on a 'one to one' and have a separate room or private space to work in as, (in my opinion) it's better because people can relax and ask the questions that they want to ask when it's private. 

I work as both a psychic and a medium.  A psychic reading or a tarot reading is about your past, present and future. I can work without any tools or I can use tarot cards, crystal ball, dowsing with a pendulum, or psychometry - where I read the energy from an object, such as jewellery.  A medium connects to people's loved ones who have passed to spirit, (passed to the next life or afterlife.)  I can do either or all of the above during a reading - if time permits.  I will discuss these with each guest at the start of their reading to establish whether they require information on this world or the next and which tools they would like me to use, if any, and I will be guided by their needs.  Please note that I cannot guarantee which spirit energies come through, but I usually get several spirit connections.

I offer other psychic services including:  Face to face readings, (from my home in Sproughton, near Ipswich, in Suffolk) telephone readings, readings over the internet via Skype and one to one readings at events.  I'm also a platform medium and do demonstrations of mediumship (clairvoyant evenings) in and around my local area.  I run development courses to help other psychic mediums to understand and use their gifts.

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Readings: Psychic / Medium &/Or TarotPrice
20 mins - Via Tel or Skype £30
20 mins - In person, Face to face £40
30 mins - Via Tel or Skype £40
30 mins - In person, Face to face £50
40 mins - Via Tel or Skype £50
40 mins - In person, Face to face £60
50 mins - Via Tel or Skype £60
50 mins - In person, Face to face £70
60 mins - Via Tel or Skype £70
60 mins - In person, Face to face £80
60 mins - Via Skype £70
60 mins - In person, Face to face £80
120 mins - Via Skype £140
120 mins - In person, Face to face £160
Past Life Regression or Future Life Progression 
60 mins - Via Skype £70
60 mins - In person, Face to face £80
Spiritual Healing or Reiki 
20 mins - Via Skype £30
20 mins - In person, Face to face £40
30 mins - Via Skype £40
30 mins - In person, Face to face £50

Please Note

Guidance only as psychic ability & mediumship have not been proven.

You must be 18 years or over for any of our services.

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