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Left - My Mother.   Central - Me.   Right - My Grandmother.aboutmeI was a quiet shy child, not as confident or forward as the others.  I wasn’t unpopular, but would tend to keep myself to myself.  My father abandoned my mother, myself and my two siblings shortly after I started primary school and this affected me badly and probably had a lot to do with my lack of confidence and lack of self esteem.

My mother found it hard bringing up three children alone, so my grandmother would often have one of us to stay with her during the school holidays.  I was brought up in Ipswich, Suffolk, but my grandmother lived in Mendlesham, a little village near Stowmarket. 

My grandmother lived in a square of purpose built maisonettes for the elderly.  She lived alone and so it was down to her to entertain us.  This wasn’t always easy as she was getting on in years and she had no money. However; gran had something special to teach me! 

Her neighbours would come to her maisonette to have their tea leaves or cards read and she was good!  She didn’t read tarot cards, she read playing cards.  I was still at Primary School when she taught me to read them too.  Even as a young child it interested and excited me!  I would look at the tea leaves in my tea cup or turn over the playing cards and interpret them; it seemed to come naturally to me.  At primary school I read the playing cards for the dinner ladies – they indulged me.  When I told a dinner lady that she was going to win some money and she did, (at bingo) she bought me a big bag of sweets. 

When we were not busy with the cards or tea leaves, my grandmother would tell me about spirits!  She would recall situations when family members had seen spirits – my mother included.  I would love to listen to her and always wanted to hear more.  As a child I saw and sensed spirits, but wasn’t aware that they were spirits, even though my grandmother had spoken to me about the spirit world. I didn’t put that together, (in my brain) with what I was experiencing.  I thought that everyone must see and sense what I did, it just seemed normal to me.  At a young age I would see them and sense them, when I got older I would also hear them.  As a teenager my awareness of spirit seemed to disappear; life was even more difficult at that time.  However; my awareness of spirit would later return and be stronger than ever! 

Spirit started communicating with me 24/7, (I also experienced paranormal activity) they just wouldn’t stop and this interfered with my everyday life.  In desperation I went to a psychic college hoping that I could learn how to shut them out, so that I could get on with my life.  However; I was told, "As you are a natural psychic medium the spirits want you to work with them.  This interference will not cease and will probably get even worse, (unless you become a ‘working’ medium) as the harder you try to ignore them, the harder they will try to communicate with you".

They continued with their communication and gave me messages for people.  If I tried to ignore these messages they continued to give them to me; until I passed the messages on to the intended recipient.  I started passing on the messages, (just to get some peace) but as fast as I passed on the messages, more messages would follow.  I was, (and still am) shocked and surprised at the accuracy of these messages.  I believe, (without a doubt) in the proof that they have given to me, (over many years) that the soul survives and there is no such thing as death.

I have been a professional psychic medium since 1997, doing face to face readings, telephone readings and readings over the internet via Skype.  I attend peoples' parties and do one to one readings as well as doing one to one readings at events.  I'm also a platform medium and do demonstrations of mediumship in and around my local area.  I also run development courses to help other psychic mediums to understand and use their gifts.

I previously worked for Star Temple LTD, (also known as Star Psychics) for over 10 years, doing International telephone readings and was known as Julie, pin 5507.  I have since moved on and now work for several of the major International telephone and internet psychic service companies, whilst continuing to do readings for my own private clients and continuing to offer all of the above services.

Spirits no-longer interfere in my life – they are my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I believe that I have a 'god given' gift and I am privileged in that I can use my gift to help many people.  I was chosen to have this gift and therefore respect the gift that I have been given and use it to the best of my ability and the highest good of all who come to me.

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