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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the questions that we frequently get asked and our replies to them. If you do not find the answer/s to your question/s here, please feel free to email us.

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Q. When were you first aware that you were a psychic medium?

A. I was taught to read cards by my grandmother when I was in primary school and I was also aware of spirit at that time, although I believe that one cannot fully understand the implications of the psychic self or the spirit world until one is an adult and spirit continue to teach you over the course of your lifetime.

Q. Can you learn to be a psychic or do you have to be born with the gift?

A. I believe that everyone has some level of intuition but people who don’t believe in such things will disregard it. You wouldn’t jump into deep water if you believed that it wasn’t possible to swim would you, but if you took the leap of faith you may learn something – that it’s possible to swim after all. Some people are stronger swimmers than others and some people have stronger intuition than others. As with most things in life the more you use your intuition the stronger it becomes, just as you will become a stronger swimmer with practice. Some people are naturally good at swimming and some people are naturally good psychics.

To answer your question I would say that it’s both; we are all born with this innate gift and although it comes more easily to some people than others, we would all improve by using it instead of leaving it idle.

Q. If psychics can see what is going to happen in advance why do they have problems in their own lives?

A. If you knew that there was going to be a storm, you couldn’t stop it just because you knew that it was coming, but you may choose not to go out in a boat that day.

Q. Why don’t psychics pick up the lottery numbers?

A. Check on the internet, there are cases where people have had messages from beyond or dreams that have brought about a lottery win or a win on the horses etc. These people may, or may not, be psychic but never the less they appear to have had a paranormal experience that led to their good fortune and why should a psychic or a medium qualify for good fortune any more than the next person.

Q. Why do psychics / mediums ask for your name?  I’m concerned that they may get information about me from the internet.

A. First of all it’s better that you do not voice this question to your psychic medium. It’s like saying that you do not believe that they can genuinely do their job and that they're a liar and a cheat. If you really have that much doubt, ask yourself, why are you booking an appointment in the first place? No really; maybe your decision to have a reading isn't the right decision for you!

Most psychic mediums work from home, would you invite strangers into your home without even taking their name? Your psychic medium has put their trust in you or they wouldn’t let you in their door. Psychic mediums are required to pay tax and to keep adequate records for such purposes - John Doe just won't do!

A good psychic medium is so busy that they don’t have time to pop to the local shop for their lunch, so they certainly won’t have time to waste surfing the net for information about you and unless you are famous what would they find on the net about you? If they searched your name there could be any number of people with your name, unless they were genuinely psychic how could they possibly know which one of these people is you and even if they were to find you, they wouldn't find the answers to the questions that you require on the internet, maybe you should try it for yourself.


Psychic Readings


Q. Will I be asked any questions by the psychic / medium?

A. A reading is a two way thing and there needs to be dialogue between the reader and the client. For example, if you took your car to the garage and told the mechanic that it wasn’t running properly he would ask you to explain what’s been happening. You wouldn’t say to the mechanic “You tell me what’s been happening, you’re the mechanic” would you?

Similarly, a professional psychic will ask you to verify what he or she is picking up and ask you questions simply to confirm that they’ve tuned in correctly to your energy. Like a mechanic, a psychic wants to diagnose the problem and focus on the correct area.

Q. I want to receive a message from someone in the spirit world; can you guarantee that they will come through?

A. Mediumship isn't an exact science and is largely down to the spirit rather than the medium, therefore no guarantee can be given, but they usually oblige and if someone wants a particular spirit it helps if they voice their intention. When someone says, "I was hoping to hear from great aunt Hilda" I usually find that 'great aunt Hilda' will communicate with me.

Q. How do you connect to a loved one in the spirit world, do you 'call' them? I'm worried about disturbing them.

A. You don't have to worry about disturbing them as 'they' choose to be present, they don't have to be and 'they' also choose to communicate, they don't have to do that either. The spirit has the ability to disturb the medium, but the medium hasn't the ability to disturb the spirit.


Q. If I ask for a 'psychic' reading and someone from the spirit world communicates with you, will you tell me?

A. I will discuss this with you at the start of your reading and be guided by you. If you tell me that you would like to be informed of any spirit connections, I will inform you. If you tell me that you wouldn’t like to be informed, I shall respect your decision.

Q. If I want to extend my reading on the day can I do so?

A. Yes of course you can. I will tell you at the end of your allocated time and ask you if you wish to continue. If you choose to continue additional fees will apply.

Q. If I extend my reading how do you accept payment for the additional time?

A. You can pay with any of the following: cash, debit or credit card, direct from your PayPal account or via PayPal check-in.

Q. Can I bring someone with me when I have my reading?

A. I prefer to see people one to one and you will get a better quality reading if I can focus my attention on you, rather than picking up information on another person at the same time. However; in exceptional circumstances you may be able to bring a chaperone. If you feel that your circumstances are exceptional, please feel free to call me to discuss your situation.

Q. My husband is driving me to my appointment; do you have somewhere for him to wait for me?

A. I am sorry but I do not have a waiting room and my insurance company would no-longer cover me if I were to allow complete strangers to wait in my home unsupervised. However; there are two village pubs, (close by) where your husband could get a coffee or if he would rather, Morrison’s and Tesco’s are also close by and both have cafés.




Q. Will you travel to me to do my reading?

A. I do not usually travel to customer's homes to do one reading but I do occasionally make an exception for customers who have serious health issues and are house bound. If you need a home visit please contact me to discuss your circumstances.

If you are not housebound I can still travel to you if you hold a psychic party. When you hold a psychic party your guests pay for their readings and you could get a free reading. Terms and conditions apply, so please see our 'Private Parties' page or contact me for further details.


Q. Where do I park?

A. In Sproughton we all park on one side of the road. There are flats, (Sproughton Court) virtually opposite my house and you will see white rocks on the pavement outside of the entrance to the flats. I park on that section of the road where the white rocks are, but anywhere on that side of the road will be fine. If you would prefer off road parking, there is an area where you can park directly opposite The Wild Man Public House, near the post box, you can't miss it. It's a very short walk away from my property.

Q. Is there public transport to your village?

A. Buses and coaches come directly into the village. The nearest train station is Ipswich station. The train station is roughly 3.5 miles from my home and is about 10 minutes by car.

I'm not sure if you can get a bus or coach from the train station directly to Sproughton, you may need to get a bus into the town centre and from there get another bus or coach to Sproughton. As it's a short distance from the station to my home, clients usually get a taxi from the station.

When travelling by bus or coach you should ask for the stop near the Sproughton Wild Man Public House. When you get off the bus/coach you will be able to see the pub from the bus stop. As you face the pub you need to turn left. You will go past the reclamation yard on your left hand side and I am on the same side as the reclamation yard, half way down the High Street, just before you reach the flats which will be on your right hand side. It will only take two minutes to walk to my home from the bus stop.


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Guidance only as psychic ability & mediumship have not been proven.

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