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How It Works

  1. If you're organising your party specifically to have readings, please  check my availability first. We can agree on some possible dates and you can then choose a date most suitable for you and your guests. If you already have a party organised, (at your home or another venue) please telephone, text or email to check my availability.

  2. Ask your guests if they would like a reading and get them to choose the duration of their reading from the list provided.  (See 'Readings - Fees/ Make Payment'  for duration of readings and price list.) Your guests do not need  to choose the same duration, they could all be different. You can book your guests a time slot or I can see them in a random order, it's up to you. If you have extra people wanting readings on the day, I can still read for them - if time permits.

    Please Note:
      The minimum fee (from readings) for me to attend your party is £240.00  When your guests have decided which length reading they would like please check you will reach the above fee.

  3. Take a deposit from each guest to secure their slot and keep a record of deposits paid - as deposits paid will be deducted from the cost of their reading on the day.

  4. The total deposits from your guests should amount to £50.00 or more. Therefore; if you had 10 guests they would each need to pay a £5.00 (non- refundable) deposit and I would deduct £5.00 from the cost of each of their readings on the day. 'You' do not need to pay a deposit for your reading.

  5. When you have collected all of the deposits from your guests you can make your payment to me.  You do not need to collect the balance from your guests as they pay me the balance, (on the day) when they have their reading.

Paying Your Deposits
Payment can be made using the following:

  1. Most Debit / Credit Cards.
  2. PayPal - Straight from your PayPal account. (See 'Using PayPal')
  3. Bank Transfer.  You can transfer your payment directly into my bank account.

Using PayPal
Using PayPal is quick, easy and secure and you do not need a PayPal account to use this service.  PayPal's secure payment platform lets you shop using your debit / credit card, bank account or straight from your PayPal account without sharing your financial details. Just click on the PayPal link to go through to PayPal's secure site.


At Your Party

  1. Please set aside another room or private space for me to do the readings.
  2. I will need two chairs and a table. I can bring a table with me if required, but please specify when booking.
  3. Each guest can come through in turn to have their reading.

FREE Hostess Reading

  • When I take £240.00 at your party I offer you a free 20 min reading

(Deposit payments are deducted from your final fee)

Please Note:
If you need to re-schedule your party please give at least 48 hours notice. Please read 'Terms and Conditions'.

If there's anything else that you need to know, just give me a call.

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Please Note

Guidance only as psychic ability & mediumship have not been proven.

You must be 18 years or over for any of our services.

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