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A Gift from Heaven

It was just another day in the office, well night really. I had been working all day and evening, doing Psychic / Medium Readings on the phone from my home office in Sproughton, near Ipswich in Suffolk and was about to finish when a lady called for a reading. The woman said that she was hoping I could connect to a loved one in the spirit world.

As she spoke I was aware of spirit energy in the room and using the gift of clairvoyance, (clear seeing) I was able to describe what I was seeing to the woman on the phone line and the woman recognised the spirit as that of her deceased mother. After I'd described to the lady on the phone what her deceased mother had looked like, (when she was here on earth) using my gift of clairaudience, (clear hearing) I was able to 'tune in' to the message that the spirit wanted me to pass on to her daughter.

I passed on several pieces of information, that the caller verified as being correct, but it was what the caller told 'me' that really amazed me.

I told the caller that her mother in spirit wanted to wish someone here on earth a happy birthday, as she was showing me a present, and she wanted to know if the person had received the gift from her. I didn't really understand how what I was saying could possibly be correct, as how could someone in the spirit world give a loved one a birthday gift, but I knew that I should just pass on the message as it was given to me and hope that her daughter understood what she meant and this is what her daughter told me.

Every year, on her birthday, she would receive a twenty pound note from her mother. This was the first birthday that she'd had since her mother had passed away. Her father asked her to go to the post office for him, to collect his pension, and she did what he asked. When she returned from the post office he handed her a twenty pound note, from the money that she had just collected for him, and he said, "Happy Birthday". She felt really sad as she remembered her mother doing just that, during the years that had passed. She thanked her father and as she went to put the twenty pounds into her purse, she noticed some writing on it. She looked a little closer and recognised the hand writing on the twenty pound note to be that of her deceased mother, it had the same birthday message that her mother had been putting on her twenty pound note, every birthday, for years!

Is this truly a gift from heaven or just a freak coincidence? Whatever you believe, it was a birthday that this lady will never forget! She believes, (as do I) that it was a message from her mother and of course the real gift here, is the gift of knowing that her mother lives on and is still present in her life and this gift, (to her) is the gift of all gifts and is priceless!

What a remarkable way for one spirit to show her daughter that she's still around her.

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