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Unusual Evidence

It was my first reading of the day and the lady having the reading seemed nervous as she told me that she wasn't sure what to expect. She'd never had a reading before and wasn't sure what the difference was between a psychic, clairvoyant and a medium. She said, "I think that I need a medium, as I want to hear from someone in the spirit world." She asked me if she was correct and I confirmed that for her.

After I confirmed that a medium is someone who connects with the spirit world and that mediumship is one of the areas in which I work, she told me that she had recently lost her husband and was struggling to cope with life since his passing. She said that she's hoping I can pick up something from her husband, anything that might help her to believe that he's okay, that he isn't lost to her forever and that one day they will be together again.

I felt the presence of spirit and I sat waiting for the spirit, (I believed to be her husband) to connect with me, so that I could 'tune in' to his energy and pass on any information that he gave to me.

He could show himself and as a clairvoyant, (clear seeing) I could describe him to the lady, but he didn't do that. He could say something and using clairaudience, (clear hearing) I could 'tune in' to what he was saying and pass on the message that he wanted me to give, but he didn't do that. He could make me feel something, like the feeling he had when he was sick, before he passed away, and using clairsentience, (clear feeling) I could tell the lady what had caused his passing, as a way of proving that he was with us, but he didn't do that either. The only information that I could get was a picture in my head, of a brass door knocker on a brown door.

I knew that I shouldn't hold back and I should just pass on whatever I picked up, but how could I pass that on without looking stupid and who wants to look stupid? I just continued to see what, (to me) looked like a brass door knocker on a brown door, (nothing else) and then I suddenly felt a very sharp pain in my chest area. I decided that I would just have to tell her, as there was nothing else that I could do, so I just said, "I have connected with someone in the spirit world, a male of your generation. He is showing me a brass door knocker on a brown door and I have a sharp pain in my chest. He could be trying to tell us that he had a problem with his heart or lungs that caused him to pass away."

Once I'd passed on this information the spirit came closer and gave me further information. The information seemed to flow more freely and easily. I came to the conclusion that the spirit wasn't prepared to give me any other information, until I had told the lady about the brass door knocker. I thought this to be rather bizarre!

The woman was ecstatic! Apparently her husband had suffered a heart attack, whilst fitting a new brass door knocker to their new brown door and that is how he'd passed away. She said, "This is the evidence of his survival that I was hoping for and now I can start living, as I know that one day we will be together again."

I think that it's amazing that something we believe to have little or no importance can be the best evidence of all once the true picture unfolds.

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